Successfull with brands in Office

The financial industry is based on trust. So being consistent with the branding will help build trust with customers and partners. Having all users working according to brand guidelines might sound a simple and achievable task. But reality proves that it is quite tough to get this right. Without some help, users often get started with the wrong template - and from there onwards it only becomes worse as they try to fix the appearance of documents. Users need some help to master this. First of all, they need up-to-date and brand and legal compliant templates to start with. Afterwards, they should find it easy to adjust that template to their specific needs without having to tamper with headers, footers etc.
This is exactly what our officeatwork 365 Add-Ins will help you with - consistently creating brand compliant documents across all your departments and entities.

Empower your employees

Empower your employees by providing them with the company's templates and contents right within Office across all devices and platforms. That way they will spend less time searching and more time on creating value. For example, inquiries via e-mail asking for details of financial products that you have discontinued can be answered using the content chooser. Employees can easily pick the appropriate content for responding to inquiries. Your employees will save time whilst increasing the quality and consistency of the company's overall communication. How brilliant is that?

Simplify complexity in documents

Creating complex proposals or contracts is demanding from a business perspective. Having well-structured content libraries to help creating documents in these scenarios can be the simplification that will help you get the job done quicker and more successful. This could be a shared Request For Proposal library for your sales team or a Clause Library for your legal team.