Empower your lawyers

As a lawyer one of your typical tasks will be to compose contracts. Having a comprehensive legal clause library at hand right within Word is the one thing that will make you that more efficient in this task. The Content Chooser is exactly that. It will allow you to browse your existing clause and easily insert the need ones straight into your Word document.

Successfull with brands in Office

As a legal practice you tend to showcase your leading lawyers on your letter head paper. Managing this is something that comes natural with the officeatwork 365 Add-Ins. Changes to your team of lawyers can be applied to all your templates with a simple update to an entry in a SharePoint online list.

Simplifying your IT with Add-Ins that run across platforms and devices

Running all your IT infrastructure across devices can be complex. Modern Web Add-Ins can help here. The Add-Ins are managed in the cloud and do not need any deployment on any of your devices. They inherit all the security settings from Office 365 and will run across different platforms and devices. That way you can enjoy working on your iPad as much as on your Surface without any reduction of functionality or hassle of keeping those devices up-to-date with your Office Add-Ins. This is a clear win for you and your IT.