Empower your employees

Having your employees collecting pieces of data across systems to then compose a document in Office is easy - but it is also time consuming and error prone and will certainly not go down as the great work experience. Making all that content available right within Office is far more pleasing and easy to understand. The officeatwork 365 Web Add-Ins will appear as icons in the Ribbon in Office and offer relevant templates and content right within the Office canvas. They can even link data form other sources right into your documents so cumbersome copy and paste across various applications is no more needed.

Simplify your IT with Add-Ins that run across platforms and devices

Running all your IT infrastructure across many locations is a complex task. So each piece that can help reduce complexity is welcome. At least regarding Office, modern Web Add-Ins can help. The Add-Ins can be managed in the cloud and do not need any deployment on all your devices. They inherit all the security settings from Office 365 and will run across different platforms and devices. So instead of adding complexity to your infrastructure the officeatwork Web Add-ins will allow to retire older technology whilst making your employees more productive. This is a win for your IT and your users.

Customer Case Study
Pedagogical University of Zurich (PH Zurich)