Successfull with brands in Office

Brands are essential in the manufacturing business. Many producers work with multiple brands for dedicated niches or for entire product lines. All this needs to translate into the way how people work with Office. Things can get tricky when left to the individual employee to figure out the individual legal and branding requirements without the appropriate domain knowledge. This is where officeatwork kicks in, allowing organizations to build clever templates that dynamically adapt to the user's needs. All data is kept centrally in the cloud, allowing to make changes from anywhere with immediate effect to everywhere. Users can easily create purpose fit documents that are in line with branding and legal requirements for any product, location or division. Applying brand or location changes to even existing documents is just a matter of a few clicks. So best keep your employees productive and let them focus on the business side of things instead of having them invest energy in getting documents look the way they should without making any legal mistakes.

Empower your employees

Having the wrong products on your shelf is about as bad as providing your employees with the wrong content. The officeatwork 365 Template and Content Chooser Add-Ins can help for this not to happen - at least when your users are working with Office. The Add-Ins surface your organizations IP and assets right within the Office applications. This can be as simple as providing access to a presentation template stored in SharePoint online right within PowerPoint or a more business specific legal clause within Word. You might also want to think of re-usable content blocks for E-Mail messages. Just imagine how much more productive your staff would be if they could share and use commonly used e-mail content throughout the departments. All these assets are stored in your Office 365 Tenant in the cloud making changes to the content apply instantly and globally.

Simplify your IT with Add-Ins that run across platforms and devices

Running all your IT infrastructure across many locations is a complex task. So each piece that can help reduce complexity is welcome. At least regarding Office, modern Web Add-Ins can help. The Add-Ins can be managed in the cloud and do not need any deployment on all your devices. They inherit all the security settings from Office 365 and will run across different platforms and devices. So instead of adding complexity to your infrastructure the officeatwork Web Add-ins will allow to retire older technology whilst making your employees more productive. This is a win for your IT and your users.