Template Designer

Design brand and legal compliant templates for organizational use.

Why you need it!

Document Designer «In a Nutshell»

Connecting to your Office 365 data

This technical video shows how officeatwork is utilizing the latest Microsoft technology to connect your documents and templates with your data available in office 365. It supports the Microsoft Graph and any lists and libraries in SharePoint online including ones created with BCS, reaching out to data beyond the boundaries of SharePoint.

Design templates for global usage

With the officeatwork 365 Document Designer you can design dynamic Word templates that automatically adapt to the users settings without having to create more than one template per design. Yes, that is correct. You can use the same template across all your languages, your locations, your brands and your fellow employees.

Distribute template data maintenance

There is no better way to maintain template data than distributing it globally to the field, as it is them, who exactly know what template data needs to be visible. Use the power of SharePoint to even go as far as implementing workflows and capturing processes if wanted.

Provide easy to use templates*

Provide your users an easy to use and highly efficient Document Wizard Web Office Add-in for them to pick one of the millions of possible combinations of your template data.

* for users to use these templates they require the officeatwork 365 Document Wizard Web Office Add-in available in the Office Store.