Mail Responder



Create meaningful Out-Of-Office messages in multiple languages with just a few clicks.

Built right into Outlook and Office 365

With the Mail Responder you can efficiently create purpose fit Out-Of-Office messages in multiple languages.
Launch the Mail Responder in Outlook with just one click on the Mail Responder icon in your Office ribbon or use any browser to navigate to your Office 365 portal and launch the Mail Responder Web App using the App-Launcher.

Create personal Out-Of-Office messages

The Mail Responder empowers you to setup your Out-Of-Office message with just a few clicks. To get you kick started it offers built-in scenarios like vacation or business trip. It even automatically embeds a Bing maps link when providing it with the location of your stay. That way receivers of your message will easily understand where you are. Additionally, it will automatically place you name and function based on the account you signed in with at the end of your Out-Of-Office message. Among the many options, it will allow you to add deputy contact details in case you want to offer such a service to your recipients.

Have your Out-Of-Office messages translated professionally

Choose to setup your message in multiple languages. Just go and choose up to three languages and the Mail Responder composes your message accordingly, language after language.

These are the languages you can choose from:

  • Chinese (People's Republic of China)

  • Chinese (Taiwan)

  • Czech (Czech Republic)

  • Dutch (Netherlands)

  • English (International)

  • English (United States)

  • French (France)

  • German (Germany)

  • Italian (Italy)

  • Japanese (Japan)

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Russian (Russia)

  • Spanish (Spain)