Template Chooser




The Template Chooser helps you to be more productive by making your organizational or personal templates available to you right within the Office applications.

Add-In Benefits


Simplifying Template Discovery

As the Template Chooser Add-In is integrated into the Office applications, users will be more successful in discovering the organizational templates as they will find them right within the Office application. That way even infrequent Office users will know where to find the templates they need.

Template Segmentation

As the Template Chooser supports any number of template libraries organizations can easily segment their templates using different libraries. This will offer users a self-explanatory way of navigating around templates. Additionally, this will often simplify the way access to templates can be organized.

Ease of Use

The Template Chooser does just one thing – it allows a user to easily pick the right template. This allowed us to create a clean, super easy and intuitive Add-In user experience.


The nature of the technology used for the Template Chooser (Web Office Add-Ins) allows the Add-In to run across platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Office Online.


The Template Chooser is developed so that the experience works across automatically sharing personal settings across devices.


As the Template Chooser is delivered as a service users can benefit from ongoing improvements automatically – this represents innovation as a service.


Document Quality

As updating and discovering templates is made easy and instantly, overall document quality should increase due to users benefiting from easy access to up-to-date templates.

Legal and Branding

As template change management is simplified and much faster (instant) users will be more willing to return to the official template repository when needing a template instead of working with an old copied version they might have on their device. This will have a positive effect on legal and brand compliance in documents. To further improve on this we offer additional Add-ins like the Designer or Wizard.

Template Adoption

As templates are being found more easily and frequently, the adoption of any changes will also increase accordingly.

Template Inventory

As the template libraries are created in a declarative way, the organization will have a way to obtain an overview over all Office templates used within the organization. Optionally, personal libraries can also be enabled using OneDrive for Business.

Template Security

The Template Chooser builds upon Office 365 infrastructure and therefor inherits the existing user and security management from Office 365. The Add-In introduces no new user management layer. Traditional template distribution via packaging will often deploy all templates to all users due to the cost involved for each package – using the Office 365 security management to govern the access to templates will greatly improve security over who can access what templates.

Template Maintenance

Updating templates is as easy as uploading (drag and drop) a file to SharePoint. In combination with SharePoint offline folders it could be even as easy as dragging and dropping a file into a folder on the local device. If required, customers can optionally use built in Office 365 functionality to establish an approval flow for changes made to templates.

IP Protection

The Add-In architecture is designed in a way so that all template files flow exclusively between the customers Office 365 tenant, the sandboxed Template Chooser Add-In running on the users device and the Office application. No template file is ever transferred to any server or service controlled by officeatwork.

Simplifying IT

Often IT processes taking care of updating templates can be simplified or even removed as templates can be managed by their business owners directly without involving any IT at all.


The access to the Add-In and the templates can be governed using Office 365 security groups. So onboarding and retiring employees by removing or adding them to security groups will automatically grant or deny them access to the Add-In and the templates. In most cases this already happens for other reasons, reducing the template specific effort for onboarding or retiring users to zero.

Installation & Deployment

There is no need to create a software package and then to deploy that to your PC’s in order to install the Template Chooser Add-In on all devices. Modern Web Office Add-ins like the Template Chooser can be deployed using the Office 365 admin portal. Once an Add-In is assigned to a user via the Admin Portal the Add-in will automatically appear in the users Office applications whenever they are signed into the Office application using their organizational account.


Modern Web Add-Ins such as the Template Chooser run as a web page in a protected sandbox within its own memory space de-coupled from the Office application and therefore offer a much more robust experience than any other Add-In architecture of the past.


Modern Web Office Add-Ins such as the Template Chooser represent Microsoft’s current Add-In architecture and Microsoft is continuously investing in this architecture. It is also the only cross platform Add-In architecture available in the marketplace today.