Template Chooser




We believe that users should not waste time in searching for the right Office template. That is why we created the Template Chooser Add-in.

Built right into Office

With the Template Chooser you can find your Office templates right within Office. With just one click on the Templates icon on the Home tab of your Office ribbon you will get access to all of your curated Office templates.

Create new Documents

The Template Chooser presents a list of templates for you to choose from. A click on one of the templates creates a new document for you right within Office.

By the way, you could continue to personalize the newly created document using the Document Wizard Add-In.

Templates found easily

The Template Chooser offers you an easy way to find the templates you need. You can search within any SharePoint or OneDrive library and find the right template in just a few seconds.

By the way - we also offer the Content Chooser Add-In that will allow you find the right curated content to insert for your document

Browse libraries

The Template Chooser offers you a simple way to see all the different SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive libraries available to you and allows you to switch between them with just a single click.

Manage your own template libraries

You can manage your personal templates by linking one of your OneDrive folders to become your own template library.

Consume organizational templates

You can share your templates organization wide by linking any SharePoint document library to become an Template Chooser template library.