Template Designer



Create legal and design compliant data driven templates and contents like letters, reports etc.

Built right into Office

With the Template Designer you can design data driven document templates with just a few clicks. To open the Designer you just need to click on the Design icon on the Design tab of your Office ribbon.

Brand your Add-In experience

Provide your users a branded user experience allowing them to quickly recognize that they are using your company's official templates. Offer them a meaningful template title and description and let them know how and in which cases they should use your template.

By the way - we also offer the Template Chooser Add-In that will allow you users to easily find the templates you created for them.

Connect your template or document to data

Empower your users to quickly and efficiently personalize their documents by providing them with meaningful input and selection fields for the data they want to show in the document. To re-use existing data you can easily create selection fields connected to any SharePoint Online list or library as well as to the Microsoft Graph. As all of this data is part of your Office 365 tenant, you have full control over it, including the security settings defining who can see and change the data.

Position placeholders on your template or document

Position placeholders in your document to display the data entered or selected by the user. Re-use that data multiple times to save users from manually editing things like headers and footers. Include images and legal phrases to make your documents brand and legal compliant. Use the power of formulas to enable a single document across different organizational requirements, saving you from creating almost identical templates over and over again.

Preview your work

Try out your design by launching the built-in preview function. This loads the Document Wizard allowing you to simulate the way your users would use your template or document.

Publish your work

Publish your templates by first clearing out any test data you entered using the Preview functionality. Then save the template file to SharePoint or OneDrive for later use. You might want to conside the Template Chooser Add-in to make your templates accessable to all of your users accross your organization on all devices and platforms.

At this point you might want to consider using the Template Chooser Add-In that will allow you users to easily find the templates you created for them.