The Wizard helps you to be more productive by allowing users to easily personalize documents purpose fit to their needs.

Add-In Benefits


Simplifying Office

Personalizing a document to purpose fit your task at hand can be cumbersome, especially if you manually need to go and update headers and footers. Thanks to the Wizard personalization pane, users can perform all that personalization without having to ever touch the document themselves. Simple data input and selection in the Add-In pane will do the magic for you – efficiently and without forgetting any passage in your document. Creating letters, contracts, statements of work etc. becomes a breeze.

Less Templates

Over are the days where you saved your own personal templates only to avoid having to fill in all your personal data over and over for each document you created using the ‘official’ templates. The Wizard can memorize your input and selections. So, when you create your next document using the ‘official’ templates your data will already be there. This way you will immediately and automatically benefit from any improvements made to the ‘official’ templates. Users also do not need to worry about keeping your own ‘personal’ templates up-to-date.

Ease of Use

The Wizard does just one thing – it allows a user to easily pick and input the data required for a document. This allowed us to create a clean, super easy and intuitive Add-In user experience.


The nature of the technology used for the Wizard (Web Office Add-Ins) allows the Add-In to run across platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Office Online.


The Wizard is developed so that the experience works across automatically sharing personal settings across devices.


As the Wizard is delivered as a service users can benefit from ongoing improvements automatically – this represents innovation as a service.


Document Quality

The Wizard Add-In automatically helps reducing mistakes in any Word document. This will automatically lead to an increasing in quality in your organizations overall Word documents.

Template Adoption

Users no longer need to store and maintain their own personal templates as the Wizard allows them to create personalized documents fully automatically. Users will be more likely to use the ‘official’ templates each time they create a document automatically leading to a higher adoption of your templates.

Legal and Branding

Legal and brand related input can be governed by the Wizard Add-In automatically leading to higher legal and brand compliance within your organizations overall Word documents.


The access to the Add-In and the contents can be governed using Office 365 security groups. So onboarding and retiring employees by removing or adding them to security groups will automatically grant or deny them access to the Add-In and the contents. In most cases this already happens for other reasons, reducing the content specific effort for onboarding or retiring users to zero.

Installation & Deployment

There is no need to create a software package and then to deploy that to your PC’s in order to install the Wizard Add-In on all devices. Modern Web Office Add-ins like the Wizard can be deployed using the Office 365 admin portal. Once an Add-In is assigned to a user via the Admin Portal the Add-in will automatically appear in the users Office applications whenever they are signed into the Office application using their organizational account.


Modern Web Add-Ins such as the Wizard run as a web page in a protected sandbox within its own memory space de-coupled from the Office application and therefore offer a much more robust experience than any other Add-In architecture of the past.


Modern Web Office Add-Ins such as the Wizard represent Microsoft’s current Add-In architecture and Microsoft is continuously investing in this architecture. It is also the only cross platform Add-In architecture available in the marketplace today.