We believe that users should not waste time creating legal and branding compliant documents like letters, reports, contracts, offers etc. That is why we created the Wizard Add-in.

Built right into Office

With the Wizard Add-In you can dynamically personalize your documents tailored to your needs. To access the Wizard Add-In you just need one click on the Personalize icon on the Home tab of your Office ribbon.

By the way - we also offer the Template Chooser Add-In that will allow you to find the right curated template to start with.

Wizard Ribbon

Personalize your documents

It’s never been easier to personalize your documents! Just go through the Document Wizard field by field. Hereby you can choose data from SharePoint and Microsoft Graph. Additionally, the Wizard can offer custom drop-down lists, date input fields and plain text input fields. All of these options allow you to mix and match your input and selections to create personalized compliant data driven documents specific to your requirements. All the data you select or enter will be displayed in various locations within your documents. There is a large number of scenarios that could benefit from this personalization feature like letters, contracts, reports etc.

Once you are finished personalizeing your document you might want to go on and add some content to it. A simple and efficient way to do this is by using the Content Chooser Add-In.

Wizard Personalize